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Zoombits gets personal

Zoombits logo small black
Zoombits logo small black

Zoombits_logo_small_blackOnline shopping. Not the same as popping into your local Dixons and firing questions at the shop’s sales representatives. Still, that could all change, as ZoomBits MD Jonathan Ruff says his new online retail site “wants to put personality back into internet retailing”.

“So expect to be able to talk in real time to one of our tech experts about what you need, or think you need but aren’t sure what questions to ask!” Ruff adds.

There’ll even be a chance to suggest new products that the shop should sell: “With so many exciting touchscreen products hitting shelves right now, our team is working hard to ensure that any accessory you can think of will be available at ZoomBits. If we don’t stock it, let us know.”

Zoombits has been born out of the existing website MemoryBits, which is best known for selling memory cards and related products. The new UK site joins sister websites in France and Germany.

Ruff describes Zoombits as “a computer, camera, gaming and mobile accessories superstore, boasting over 10,000 products to suit gadget-lovers of all ages.”

And he’s confident it’ll be a success, with Britain still as in love as ever with its gadgets and gizmos.

“According to the latest CoolBrands survey, Brits have an insatiable appetite for technology and practically worship brands like iPhone, iPod, Nintendo, Blackberry, PlayStation and Xbox,” said ZoomBits MD Jonathan Ruff.