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ITC rules in Nokia’s favour

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nokia_logoBack in the day, InterDigital claimed that Nokia infringed four of its patents that were essential for the UMTS (3G) mobile standard. The US Administrative Law Judge had previously ruled in favour of Nokia and now that decision has been seconded by the country’s International Trade Commission.

“The United States International Trade Commission has reviewed the Administrative Law Judge’s Initial Determination in favour of Nokia, in the action brought by InterDigital,” an official Nokia statement said.

“Following the review, the Commission has affirmed the ALJ’s Initial Determination and terminated the investigation.”

Nokia said the result was consistent with a previous judgement in the United Kingdom that found several InterDigital patents not to be essential to the UMTS mobile standard.

“Nokia is delighted with this outcome,” the statement continued. “Not only did the Commission conclude that Nokia products do not infringe InterDigital’s patents, but it also withdrew the portion of the ALJ’s Initial Determination that had found the patents valid.”