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AOC GM510 and GM530 review

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Over the last few months, AOC has introduced two gaming mice, the GM510 and GM530, to round out the manufacturer’s line-up of peripherals. The mice feature high-quality PixArt sensors and well-thought-out design features, including customizable RGB Light FX. But are these mice as good for beginners as well as core and hardcore gamers? Let’s find out.

The GM530 and GM510 join the 500 series models in the AOC GAMING category. The AOC GM530 is a highly ergonomic mouse for right-handed users with silicone side grips. The high-end PixArt PMW3389 sensor provides precise 16,000 DPI tracking. The mouse features Kailh Switches that provide exceptional clicky feedback and fast responses. Thanks to their high durability (80 million clicks), they are also suitable for professionals. A DPI button is used to quickly set the desired resolution.

The skin-friendly, matte UV coating on the front feels pleasant and high-quality. In addition to the primary left/right buttons and mouse wheel, the AOC GM530 has two thumb buttons on the left side and two additional buttons below the wheel, so we end up with seven buttons in total.

The buttons are fully customizable thanks to AOC’s G-Menu software. The dual-zone Light-FX RGB lighting can be synchronized with the rest of the AGON ecosystem. The GH530 gaming mouse features a braided cable and a gold-plated USB connector for durability and improved connectivity. The GM510, designed for right-handed gamers, has a unique honeycomb pattern that makes it lightweight at only 58g without the cable. Additionally, its ventilated case design helps prevent sweat and slipperiness, making it ideal for use on sizzling summer days.

Similar to the GM530, the GM510 features robust Kailh Switches that are rated for 80 million clicks, providing a tactile and comfortable gaming experience. Both mice also utilize the high-performance PixArt sensor (PWM3389) for precise tracking of movements, even during fast-paced manoeuvres. Finally, the six buttons (including two thumb buttons) can be fully customized with AOC’s G-Menu software and the single RGB zone can be synchronized with other AGON devices.

AOC GM510 Review

The AOC GM510 is made of plastic and is extremely sturdy, showing no signs of creaking or bending even when gripped with moderate force, despite its honeycomb rear design. The mouse is optimized for right-handed users, and it fits comfortably in the hand. Its combination of lightness and solid construction gives it a great feel, making it easy to manoeuvre on the table. The G-Menu software allows you to customize the buttons, set the DPI, and even adjust the lighting pattern, colour, and brightness to your preference. If you’re a passionate gamer who spends a lot of time playing, this mouse is an excellent choice.

AOC GM530 review

In contrast to the GM510’s distinct honeycomb design, the GM530 has a more traditional ergonomic design that is specifically tailored for right-handed users. It features two side buttons on the left side, DPI Up and DPI Down buttons on the top and a button to switch between two onboard user profiles located at the bottom, which may not be the most convenient position.

The mouse features seven fully programmable buttons right/left click, two side buttons, a scroll wheel, DPI Up and DPI Down. The side buttons are easy to use, as they are right where your thumb sits, and the feel of pressing them is quite pleasant. We also liked the feel of the scroll wheel, which is a bit stiffer than usual, offering more precision in vertical scrolling. There is even the option to set the washer so that with just one scroll you can go to the next page of a document.

The dimensions of the GM530 are 125 by 65 by 42 millimetres and its weight is 100 grams. This particular mouse is aimed exclusively at right-handed people and its ergonomic shape allows all three grip methods (palm, calliper, and fingertips). However, the recommended grips according to the AOC are that of the palm and the claw. Overall, the GM530 is amazingly comfortable to use, especially for those who are used to mice such as the Razer DeathAdder or the Corsair Glaive. Its weight is also considered ideal, so as not to alienate a user who is used to heavy or light gaming mice. Unlike the AOC AGM700, there is no weight adjustment here.

In a market filled with low-quality budget products that rely on flashy designs and RGB lighting to attract buyers, the AOC GM530 stands out as a top choice in the sub-€40 price range. It boasts an exceptional optical sensor, durable switches, and outstanding build quality, making it an ideal entry-level gaming mouse that is worth considering.