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Innovative EcoLoc Technology Aims to Combat Food Waste, Potentially Funding Christmas Spending


With the festive season upon us and households expected to spend an average of £400 on Christmas, a recent survey has uncovered an intriguing link between reducing food waste and saving for the holidays. The study revealed that the average UK household tosses away £470 worth of food annually—nearly mirroring the anticipated Christmas expenditure. This revelation brings to light a solution that could potentially alleviate the financial strain of the holidays: the Ecoloc, a cutting-edge kitchen product designed to elongate the lifespan of food by up to an impressive 300%.

The Ecoloc, leveraging patented UV technology, promises a tangible means of combating food waste. By extending the shelf life of various perishables, this revolutionary device not only addresses a global concern but also offers a practical avenue to ease the cost of living, particularly during festive times like Christmas.

Åsa Sandberg, a global food waste expert, underscores the significance of innovative solutions like EcoLoc: “Food containers are used in homes around the world. With innovations like EcoLoc, these containers become a tool against food waste which can also help us save money too. With an increasingly challenging personal economy, this can make a significant difference in our everyday life.”

Johan Tingsborg, Purefize’s Chief Product Officer, notes the historical pursuit of methods to prolong food shelf life, emphasizing the role of EcoLoc in modernizing these efforts: “From salting and drying food, to canning, refrigeration, and vacuum packing, we have always tried to innovate to find ways to extend food shelf life. Now, we’re taking the next step with EcoLoc, making it easier for all households to reduce the amount of food we throw away.”

Notably, the EcoLoc is tailored to fit all IKEA food containers in the 365+ series. Its functionality relies on illuminating food through a specially adapted lid, effectively extending the lifespan of items like bread and tomatoes by up to 200% and 300%, respectively.

At a retail price of just £138.45 for a starter kit, the EcoLoc not only presents a sustainable solution but also stands as an ideal gift choice for those seeking the latest smart kitchen innovation this Christmas.

The initiative arrives at a critical juncture when over 60% of food discarded in the UK could have been consumed if stored appropriately. The EcoLoc’s introduction aligns with efforts to encourage more efficient food storage practices, thereby contributing significantly to reducing household waste and potentially offsetting Christmas expenses.

To aid consumers in prolonging food life, here are five expert tips:

Avoid Refrigerating Certain Produce: Onions, garlic, tomatoes, avocados, and coffee last longer when not stored in the fridge.
Utilize Vacuum Packing and UV Technology: Vacuum sealing and innovative technologies like EcoLoc’s bacteria-killing UV light can extend food shelf life by up to 300%.
Trust Your Senses: Best-before labels don’t necessarily indicate immediate disposal. Rely on sight, smell, and taste to determine if food is still edible.
Leverage Freezing: Preserve items you won’t immediately consume by freezing them for prolonged use.
Minimize Air Exposure: Use airtight containers and avoid leaving food packages open longer than necessary to reduce spoilage.
This pioneering solution arrives amidst global efforts to tackle food waste. Within the EU alone, households contribute to over 50% of annual food waste, discarding upwards of 31 million tons of food.