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EZVIZ Launches Portable Power Station Range for Reliable Grab-and-Go Power

Introducing EZVIZ's Power Station Range, offering uninterrupted power supply and versatility for outdoor adventures and emergencies


EZVIZ has announced the launch of its newPower Station Range. Designed to provide reliable and efficient power solutions, these portable stations are set to revolutionize the way users stay connected and powered up in unforeseen circumstances.

Whether it’s a family camping trip, a weekend at a festival, or a sudden power outage at home, the EZVIZ Power Station Range acts as a dependable and versatile power companion. With various charging capabilities ranging from 313Wh to 607Wh, consumers can choose the power station that best suits their needs.

One of the standout features of these power stations is their multiple power outputs, including AC sockets, USB ports, and DC outputs. This allows users to charge and power multiple devices simultaneously, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, drones, and more.

The high-capacity lithium-ion batteries incorporated in the power stations ensure extended power supply for prolonged periods. Users can select different capacity options based on their individual power requirements, providing peace of mind during extended outings or emergencies.

Portability is key with the EZVIZ Power Station Range. The sleek and compact design allows for effortless transportation, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, selected models within the range offer solar charging compatibility, enabling users to harness the power of the sun for sustainable energy solutions even in remote locations.

The power stations also come equipped with a built-in LED light, offering three adjustable modes for illumination or as an emergency light source. No more searching for candles or torches in the dark, making them perfect for reading or working outdoors.

EZVIZ’s commitment to intelligent power management is evident in these power stations. The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) constantly monitors performance, including voltage, current, and temperature, ensuring users stay fully informed. The smart display provides real-time charging and recharging statuses, temperatures, and operational warnings, while also helping to prolong the power station’s lifespan for long-term use.

Furthermore, the low noise technology integrated into the power stations reduces excessive noise levels while efficiently charging devices. This feature ensures a peaceful environment, making it ideal for working or sleeping while essential devices are powered up.

The EZVIZ PS600 Portable Power Station, with a massive 607Wh capacity, is available for purchase at EZVIZ for £539.99. Additionally, the EZVIZ PS300 Portable Power Station, offering 313Wh of power capacity, is available for £329.

EZVIZ also presents the PSP100/200 Portable Solar Panels, priced at £269.99 and £529.99 respectively. These highly efficient solar panels capture maximum sunlight to keep all essential devices powered up during outdoor adventures. Their folding design, adjustable built-in stand, and reliable performance against outdoor conditions make them an essential addition to the power stations.

EZVIZ continues to innovate and provide reliable power solutions, ensuring that users are always connected and prepared for any situation. Stay powered up with EZVIZ’s Portable Power Station Range, your trusted power companion wherever life takes you.

EZVIZ PSP100/200 100W/200W Portable Solar Panel available from EZVIZ for £269.99 and EZVIZ for £529.99.