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APS Launches ‘Itson’ Batteries, Aiming at a Young, Urban Demographic


Advanced Power Solutions (APS) has unveiled its latest innovation, the ‘itson’ batteries, with a keen focus on the younger, eco-conscious consumer segment. This move is seen as a significant step towards reshaping the mobile energy industry through the integration of sustainability practices with everyday products.

The ‘itson’ range is not just another line of batteries; it represents a lifestyle choice for those who prioritize environmental consciousness in their daily lives. This aligns perfectly with the growing trend of conscious living, especially prevalent among the urban youth, who are increasingly making efforts to reduce their ecological footprint by opting for locally produced goods, reducing car usage, and avoiding single-use plastics.

Izabela Blaszczyk-Janicka, Marketing Director at APS, highlights the versatility of the ‘itson’ batteries: “From everyday household applications to on-the-go products like hearing aids, headphones, and cameras, batteries can now support a more sustainable lifestyle.” This initiative is part of the brand’s broader sustainability efforts, with both its alkaline and hearing aid batteries being produced and sourced within the European Union (EU).

Sebastian Schulte, Sustainability Manager at APS, emphasizes the environmental benefits of this local approach: “By keeping production and distribution within the EU, we cut our supply chain length, resulting in up to three times fewer CO2 emissions than transcontinental supply chains.” Furthermore, the production of ‘itson’ batteries is powered by 100% renewable energy, sourced from solar and wind, with the rechargeable batteries being pre-charged with solar energy, underscoring the brand’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

The ‘itson’ product range is designed to be straightforward and functional, offering consumers two distinct options tailored to low- to mid-drain and high-drain devices. This simplicity extends to the packaging, which uses clear language and practical use cases to facilitate decision-making for the consumers.

Moreover, APS has adopted a vibrant communication and visual strategy to make the ‘itson’ batteries stand out on the shelves. This strategy is rooted in the brand’s desire to connect with its core audience – the young and urban demographic – through playful and bold storytelling. Blaszczyk-Janicka adds, “Our core audience inspired a playful and bold communication style, aligning with their positive impact mindset.”

The launch of ‘itson’ batteries is APS’s attempt to inject excitement and innovation into the battery market, which has seen little change over the past decades. Through its sustainable practices and engaging branding, ‘itson’ aims to inspire not only consumers but also other industry stakeholders to reconsider their environmental impact. With a clear vision and commitment, ‘itson’ is set to redefine the landscape of the mobile energy industry, offering a sustainable, fun, and conscious choice for today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.