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BBC ports iPlayer to Apple kit


The BBC has created a version of its internet television player that works with Apple’s iPhone and the iPod Touch. The two portable devices are the first to get a dedicated version of the UK video-on-demand service. But they won’t be the last, as the Beeb confirms it is working on versions of the iPlayer for "many more" media players…

"We started with iPhone because it is the device most optimised for high-quality video currently available," wrote Anthony Rose on the official BBC internet blog.

"It displays the BBC iPlayer site and BBC programmes nicely."

The service works by streaming programmes from the iPlayer website over a wireless network and onto the handheld devices.

However, the iPhone won’t be able to access content using its mobile phone connection as the speed of the EDGE network is deemed too slow.

The BBC news website also said that Virgin Media customers would be getting their own version of the iPlayer later this month.