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“Pay up for iPlayer bandwidth” BT calls on BBC

bbc iplayer
bbc iplayer

Telecoms giant BT has demanded that the BBC should stump up some cash
towards the cost of bandwidth for its iPlayer application. The telecoms
company said that Auntie “can’t expect to continue to get a free ride”.

The iPlayer video streaming service is responsible for a lot of network
traffic in the UK and as it has become more and more popular, ISPs are
groaning under the strain of running the service and keeping costs down.

John Petter, managing director of BT’s Retail consumer business,
said: “We can’t give the content providers a completely free
ride and continue to give customers the (service) they want at
the price they expect.”

BT has been in the headlines recently as the ISP has been alledgly
throttling bandwidth at peak times in order to cope with people’s
insatiable appetite for watching re-runs of Eastenders online.

While it looks unlikely that the BBC will cough up for bandwidth, if
the streaming video service it provides, as well as those from YouTube
and others, then the situation may well change.

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