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ClearPlay turns non-family DVDs into family DVDs

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box playersm 1

box-playersmA new service by the name of ClearPlay aims to put an end to families not being able to watch half their DVD collection together via content filtering.

Basically, the tech cuts out violence, sex and the like from movies as set by you. So if your older kids want to watch one of the more recent Harry Potters, say, the five-year-old can stay in the room and not run screaming from the weird zombie things, because they won’t be there. Or teenagers no longer have to worry about what happens when they’re watching a movie with Mum and suddenly the characters start having sex.

ClearPlay is only available as software here at the moment, but DVD players with it built in are already on sale in France and should be in the UK by July.

It’s not for all movies, though: to quote ClearPlay director Skip Riddle, “Cleary there are some films that don’t lend themselves to filtering but the vast majority do. Often the aspects of a film that give it a 15 certificate are connected with a few very short sequences or a bit of bad language. ClearPlay is perfect for these films.”