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Apple upgrades iPhone and iPod Touch


apple_iphone_3.jpgNormally Apple likes to make a big fanfare when new products come out (Just see here
to get our drift). But this one almost slipped under our radar, as the
purveyors of fine mp3 players secretly doubled the capacities of both
the iPhone and the iPod Touch. 

The iPhone will now be available
in both 16GB or 8GB formats, while the iPod touch now comes with 32GB
of musical storage goodness on top of the  existing 16GB and 8GB models.

present we only have US pricing details so if you were to pop into the
Apple store in San Francisco and buy the 16GB iPhone, it will set you
back $499, which is, incidentally the same price as the 32GB iPod
touch. As usual, UK pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed.

"For some users, there’s never enough memory," said Greg Joswiak,
Apple’s vice president of Worldwide iPod and iPhone Product Marketing.
"Now people can enjoy even more of their music, photos and videos on
the most revolutionary mobile phone and best Wi-Fi mobile device in the

Both the iPhone and the Ipod touch have the multi-touch
interface, which is based on technology developed by
Fingerworks. Which also features on the new MacBook Air.

As usual the Apple stores were closed for "maintenance" while the new
products went up online (such theatre!) And this led to the usual
amount of frenzied speculation of what was to come.

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