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Seagate FireCuda Gaming Dock review

Pair this with a laptop to expand connectivity

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71550PtuqSL. AC SL1500

Seagate is normally associated with hard drives, but this new Gaming Dock takes it slightly off-piste.

The FireCuda Gaming Dock, a high-end, multi-functional hub that combines the features and connectivity of a docking station with external storage. It is aimed at laptop users who want more from their gaming but don’t want to use a desktop PC.

It comes with a 4TB hard drive. Unfortunately, it is a hard-disk drive and not an SSD, so graphics-intensive games may take longer to load. However, it does have an expandable NVMe slot is perfect for inserting an ultra-fast upgrade, like FireCuda NVMe SSD.

The FireCuda Gaming Dock measures 51x270x135mm and weighs 2.67kg, which does not include the huge power adapter. It has two full-sized USB 3.1 ports on the front along with audio input and output as well as a power button. An SD Card reader would have been a welcome addition.

The rear has three additional USB ports along with an RJ45 connector for networking, a DisplayPort connector for a pass-through of your computer’s graphics, and the power connector.

At this cap is where the NVMe connector is housed, complete with Razer Synapse-compatible RGB lights. The RGBs can be controlled using the Seagate Toolkit app for PC or Mac.

It attaches to your computer through a single USB type C thunderbolt 3 port directly from the hub and gives you a full dock of ports. This enables you to either keep other devices always connected, or quickly add another product without the bother of moving and tweaking your computer.

The FireCuda Gaming Dock was designed for laptop users who like to game as well as creatives working with large programs such as Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, and the like who want to add more ports, storage, and some illumination.

The FireCuda Gaming Dock retails for £312 and is available for purchase at Amazon as well as from the manufacturer.