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HyperX ProCast review

hyperx procast chdb
hyperx procast chdb

The technology behind HyperX microphones has progressed since QuadCast’s release in 2019. Since then, the business has produced a mike that is both amazing and priced, and that every kind of content maker can use. This time, HyperX is selling its first XLR microphone, the HyperX ProCast, to attract people looking for professional-level sound.

The HyperX ProCast differs from its top USB microphone in terms of what’s inside. It has a wide diaphragm condenser capsule with gold plating, which is common in XLR microphones used by podcasters and professional musicians. As a result, the vocals sound richer and deeper than with a regular USB microphone.

Of course, this is a lot of money to spend on a microphone, but you’ll find that it’s a competitive pricing point when compared to other big diaphragm condenser microphones that aren’t geared to streamers.

As compared to HyperX’s other “cast” microphones, the lack of functionality and extras is one thing that surprises me. But it sounds fantastic. ProCast’s XLR offers the same superior sound quality, which ought to persuade you to spend the money.

It follows the brand’s simple cylindrical form. Except for the red accentuated wires on the shock mount, it does away with a lot of HyperX’s visual appeal. The absence of tap to mute, one of my favourite features on HyperX mics, also caught me off guard. However, the QuadCast S with its wacky RGB lighting probably appeals more to you if style over substance is what you’re after. Nonetheless, the ProCast is a dependable piece of high-end equipment that appears and behaves like it belongs in a studio.

The ProCast is an XLR microphone, so you’ll need an audio interface to connect it to your computer. The cost of utilising an XLR microphone typically steers most users away from them and towards the cheaper embrace of USB mics, which are typically just plug-and-play. Yet, the expense will be worthwhile to upgrade your sound if you utilise an XLR mic and hear the difference.

My voice was loud, clear, and strong right away. The sound quality of the ProCast surpasses that of HyperX’s top USB microphone, the Quadcast S, even with Soundcloud’s upload compression. It’s a long way off. It sounds pretty darn close to the Shure when compared with an XLR cable—our current all-time favourite microphone.

The HyperX ProCast is an excellent-sounding first-generation XLR microphone with a conservative design. In terms of sound quality, you unquestionably get what you paid for. If you have the money to spare for it and all the accessories, your voice will sound its best. But if you already have them, the ProCast is a wise purchase.