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Zenfox T3-3CH triple channel dash cam review

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61o091dUMAL. AC SL1000

The Zenfox T3 3CH has three cameras allowing drivers to record footage of the road ahead, the rear and also within the vehicle itself making it ideal for taxi drivers, Uber drivers, for lift sharing and families. The front camera records the road ahead with incredible clarity at 2560*1440P @30fps, whilst the interior & rear camera record the inside cabin and rear road at full HD 1080P @30fps. The 160°+140°+140° wide-angle allows the camera to reduce any blind spots and capture more events, both inside and outside the vehicle.

All the cameras are equipped with Sony STARVIS sensors and Wide Dynamic Range [WDR] technology to guarantee sharp and clear night image quality, even in low light environments. The interior facing camera utilises 4 IR LED lights, which can handle low light conditions and ensures flawless video footage even when the passenger cabin is dark. Even in complete darkness, the dash camera can capture usable images.

The built-in 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi brings faster transfer speed allowing drivers to connect the dashcam with the Zenfox APP to manage settings, view on-live videos, check GPS route and download recordings to a smartphone. The built-in GPS accurately records the driving route, location, speed and time and users can playback the video using the comprehensive GPS Logger software interface to see real-time information.

The Parking Mode will monitor events both inside and outside of the car for 24 hours and the dashcam will automatically switch to parking mode after the engine is off, so it doesn’t miss any events or incidents whilst parked overnight or in a supermarket car park.

With a built-in G-sensor supporting variable sensitivity, the dash cam can auto-detect any sudden knock or collision and lock the crucial footage to prevent it from being overwritten. This can then be used as vital evidence for claims or insurance purposes. The seamless loop recording will not lose any clips, automatically overwrite the oldest file with the newest file so users can access the required footage easily and it supports ample storage of up to 256GB microSD.

We were very impressed with the packaging; it feels like a premium device. Each camera was delivered in its silicone bag, which was nestled in a custom cut sponge cushion. Taking everything out of the box, the accessories provided are nice too. It came with a USB to microSD adapter (and it’s well built too, not those cheap ones you usually get with a product).

The best accessory offered is the trim tool which helps tuck the cables in your trim, this was a lifesaver as I never ran cables through the car before, but this made it so easy to lift the trim and tuck the cable under the trim. Also comes with a long wire to run from the front cam to the back cam. It was a little too long for me, but I always appreciate long wires since you can easily just tuck it away in the trim and not have an issue with cable length, so that’s a big plus. As for the power cable, I found that to be a little short by like 3 feet for a clean factory look but doesn’t look that bad as you only see the power cable when sitting in the passenger seat.

Video quality is amazing (Will post videos soon as my internet upload sucks) especially at night with both the front cam and the infrared interior cam. Easy to set up and get working. Manual was easy to follow and clear.

Overall, we would highly commend this dashcam. It’s a high-quality camera. You should have one of these if you’re an Uber/Lyft driver, no doubt. If you aren’t, then it still gives you the most protection out of any cam I know of with the 3-channel video.

The Zenfox T3 3CH Triple Channel Dash Cam is available on Amazon for £239.95.