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Leitz Icon Smart Wireless label printer review

Need labels printed, this is for you!

leitz icon printer
leitz icon printer

Printing out labels can be a troublesome business using an ordinary printer. So much so, most people print out using normal paper and then tape it to packages. This has so many disadvantages, such as the paper not staying on the package, meaning post could go missing. The Leitz Icon Smart Labeling System aims to solve that with a label printer for all occasions.

Leitz Icon is a smart-technology label printer which uses high-speed thermal printing to produce up to 200 labels per minute; the printer can also be operated using a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android device in addition to a PC or Mac.

This is not your usual printer with labels that include both paper and plastic stock, continuous rolls that let you print different-size labels from the same roll. This little printer is very portable, you can just grab it by the front and carry it around. The printer itself looks stylish and smart and is reassuringly compact despite the giant box it ships in.

Putting rolls of labels in is easy, simply open the flap, lift a bit inside and the labels just fit in, lining up with a connector which senses the size of the labels.

Setting up to print wirelessly wasn’t easy though, so we ended up connecting to it via USB. This involved visiting the Leitz website, download and install the driver, update the firmware and you are away.

Eventually we figured out how to connect wirelessly. You need to connect to the network that appears when the printer is plugged in (the ‘soft AP’) and type in an IP address into a web browser. You then follow the connection wizard to connect to your wireless network.

Printing is easy. Using the supplied software, you can use pre-sets or setup your own labels, as wide as the label and as long as the roll left. It is also very frugal; the supplied label cassette has a 10m label, which the printer cuts as it prints, there is almost no waste. This should lead to lower cost of ownership.

The process of creating and printing labels is very straightforward. You select what kind of labels you want to create, e.g. standard address labels, filing system labels, name badges etc. and the size required, then type in your wording, altering size and font as needed. After clicking print, the labels are produced almost instantly.

The label prints were of good enough quality. We printed some luggage labels, address labels and small labels for storage jars.

Overall the ease of use, adaptability and super fast speed makes this a great choice for businesses that print lots of labels.

The Leitz Icon Smart Wireless Label Printer is available from Amazon for £105.99. (Link)