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Cowin Thunder Bluetooth speaker review

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Thunder Lifestyle 4

Bluetooth speakers offer a measure of portability and convenience but don’t always come up with the goods sound-wise. The Cowin Thunder aims to offer better sound quality, coupled with portability.

The cylindrical shaped speaker is 8.5cm in diameter and also 8.5cm tall, it weighs 495grams. It has a white top and bass and chrome all around the sides with no visible seam.

The speakers are all around with a 3.5mm socket at the back and below this at the base is the micro USB socket. On the left side at the top is an on/off button.

The device sits on a 0.5cm thick leg with a slightly tacky surface. On top is a button that increases the bass and around this four touch buttons two for volume with play/pause and Bluetooth buttons.

Connecting your device via Bluetooth (or with an audio cable) and then playing music with the device sitting on its leg adds bass to the music being produced. Although, if you have a cluttered desk, other things start to vibrate and you can hear this too, which somewhat detracts from the experience.

Obviously, the quality of the music in determines what you get out. With higher bitrate recordings, the sound quality is very good, less so with standard 128kbps MP3 tracks.

As mentioned earlier, the unit can also connect via an audio cable. Sound is again good but is better when you use higher quality recordings.

The box we were sent had no instructions, so while we could guess how to use this, this may fox others not so technically adept. That said, the buttons are pretty straightforward and guessable.

In addition to Bluetooth, phones with NFC can also connect to the unit without any trouble.

The unit also keeps flashing, which can be a little annoying after a short while.

Overall, the sound quality is better than average and for £89.99 reasonable value for money, although you may find rival offerings on the market that do as good a job for less money.