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BubbleBall scares off Angry Birds

Robert Nay BubbleBall app
Robert Nay BubbleBall app

Robert_Nay_BubbleBall_appRobert Nay’s BubbleBall has reached the number one spot in the Apple App Store, displacing the popular Angry Birds Seasons. BubbleBall is 14-year old Robert’s first foray into app development and he chose Ansca’s Corona SDK for “its powerful and unique characteristics”.

“Robert realised that Corona SDK’s power, ease of use and advanced features gave him much more freedom to create a game characterised by its fun and addictive game play,” said a spokesman from California-based Ansca Mobile, which created the app development software.

Robert, who hails from Spanish Fork, UT, originally started developing BubbleBall with a competing development framework, but switched to Corona SDK’s for more advanced features.

The game features 21 levels where the player must strategically place geometric pieces to allow a ball to reach the finish line.

“Once the player presses the Start button, the ball and pieces take on realistic physical characteristics, thanks to Corona SDK’s powerful built-in physics engine,” the spokesman for Ansca Mobile said.

Approved by Apple two weeks ago, BubbleBall has been steadily climbing the charts and finally claimed the top spot yesterday.

“We wholeheartedly congratulate Robert on his initial success and we are eagerly looking forward to his future creations,” the spokesman said. “Wait until he gets a little more experience under his belt and really unleashes the power of Corona SDK!”