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New reservations for Poynt app

poynt app logo
poynt app logo

poynt_app_logoPoynt Corporation has added online restaurant reservations, reviews and listings to its Poynt application. Powered by toptable, the update means that users in the United Kingdom can book their meals at an additional 3,000 restaurants.

Poynt is a GPS-enabled app that connects users to local businesses, restaurants and movie theatres to buy products or services.

A spokesman said that the addition of the booking service strengthens the existing restaurant section in Poynt, by allowing customers to make a dining reservation the moment they find a suitable establishment.

Poynt users can now view cuisine type, restaurant ambience and location details, as well as taking advantage of unique restaurant offers.

“Mobile and toptable are made for each other as more and more people are choosing and booking restaurants on the go,” said Chris Wood, MD at toptable. “We are delighted that the toptable service has been integrated into Poynt’s successful mobile app.”

The new version of Poynt is immediately available for download for BlackBerry smartphones, iPhone and iPod Touch, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices.