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Jon Bentley Picks Top Christmas tech

ps3 topview mattfinish
ps3 topview mattfinish

ps3_topview_mattfinishThose looking for Christmas tech buying tips should take note: The Gadget Show’s Jon Bentley – in association with British Video Association – has revealed which gadgets he feels are on the most wanted list this Christmas…

Blu-ray player
Blu-ray players have come down in price considerably over the last year. You can now find them from as little as £59. They’re a great way to enjoy that high definition cinema quality experience in your home, plus you can still use them to play all your old DVDs. If you can afford to pay a bit more, 3D Blu-ray players are a future proof choice, as more distributors / film and TV companies look set to release their titles in 3D. Prices for 3D Blu-ray players currently start from around £150. But remember, you’ll also need a 3D TV!

Samsung Galaxy Tab
This is a cutting-edge, multi-purpose device that is set to be one of the most popular gadgets on Christmas lists this year, whatever your age. It doubles up as an e-reader, and has a front-facing camera that allows you to make video calls. Prices start from around £529 for the handset (also available on contract).

Amazon Kindle
The Kindle offers the most realistic reading experience available. It allows you to hold up to 3,500 books and magazines, and its built in WiFi means that you can browse and buy books whenever you like. Guaranteed to keep bookworms content! Prices start at around £109.

Sony PlayStation 3
Games consoles always top the Christmas most-requested lists. The PS3 is not just the ultimate high-definition gaming experience, but has a built-in Blu-ray disc drive which allows you to watch movies, listen to music and online services. It’s a great all-rounder. Plus, you get can now get a free, 3D software update to enjoy your films and games in 3D.  Prices start at around £220.

Sony Cybershot WX5 camera
This will make any amateur photographer smile on Christmas morning. It’s an intelligent camera with the ability to capture full 1080p HD video, as well as its Sweep Multi-Angle function which allows you to create a 3D effect. Prices start at around £279.

HTC Desire HD Phone
A savvy Android smartphone with enhanced multi-media features. Its 8.0-megapixel camera and HD 720p video record means you can capture everything in glorious HD. Prices start from around £470 for handset (also available on contract).

iPod Touch
The iPod touch is the ultimate and affordable digital media player. As well as listening to your favourite music, it allows you to watch films, browse the internet, download apps and chat to your friends via its front-facing using FaceTime. Prices start from around £189.

Sky+ box with HD subscription
With the HD subscription service getting bigger and better, as well as free 3D channels available, it’s time to go HD. As HDTVs are on the increase, complete the cinema at home experience. Prices start from around £29.

3D Plasma TV
If money is no object and you want to spend a bit more on your loved one, then a 3D Plasma TV is future proof and the ultimate home cinema luxury. Prices start at around £970.

MacBook Air
The MacBook Air is a netbook style laptop that is light, tough and sophisticated. It combines features of the iPhone and iPad. Prices start from around £899 for the 11-inch version and £1,349 for the 13-inch model.