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£1bn in unused Xmas gadgets


footspaNew research from the BVA suggests that as many as £1bn worth of unwanted gadget gifts could be destined for the scrap heap by the New Year. Out of an adult population of approximately 40 million in the UK, 31 per cent claimed to have been given a gadget that they never or hardly ever use – which amounts to an estimated value of £1,100,500,000 unwanted gadgets in the UK.

The average amount spent on an unused gadget is £88.75.

Reasons for shunning these techno ‘treats’ include; not having time to use them (39 per cent), not seeing the point of them (23 per cent), not liking them (18 per cent), not wanting to keep cleaning them (10 per cent), and (for a lazy few who didn’t read the instructions) not knowing how to use them (7 per cent).

The same research also revealed the top gadget gaffs to avoid this Christmas:
* Digital photo frames
* Foot spas
* Blenders
* Digital organisers
* Electronic Sudoku games
* Coffee machines
* Digital radios
* Electric shavers
* Electric toothbrushes
* Bread makers

Other unpopular horrors lurking under the tree include; lady shavers, desk-top vacuum cleaners, candy floss machines, yogurt makers, electric shoe polishers, shrink wrap machines and even electronic facial brushes.
The YouGov survey questioned 1983 adults between 8-11 October 2010.