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3DS tech specs leaked?

nintendo 3ds
nintendo 3ds

nintendo_3dsYou know a new gadget is getting tantalisingly close when its most intimate of specs start getting spilled all over the Internet. And so the time has come to take a (possible) look under the skin of Nintendo’s 3DS.

Ninty’s new handheld will allegedly pack two 266MHz ARM11 CPUs, along with a 133MHz GPU, 4MB of dedicated VRAM, 64MB of RAM, and 1.5GB of flash storage. (For comparison’s sake, the DSi only offers 256MB of memory.) And if that’s still not enough space, there’s always the SD card slot to expand the drive.

These specs were dug up by IGN, who spoke to “persons familiar with the hardware who spoke under the condition of anonymity”, so we can’t be certain that they’re 100 per cent accurate, but they sound reasonable.

Play.com recently listed the console in blue, black and red versions for £199.99. Again, nothing official, but Nintendo is due to make a formal announcement a week today, on September 29, so there’s not long to wait for some definite answers.