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Breville makes cupcake making as easy as pie (or cupcake)

breville cupcake maker
breville cupcake maker

Famous toastie maker Breville has turned its attentions to the recently-trendy cupcake arena with its new Cupcake Creations Set.

Any of you who has watched Sex and the City will know that Carrie Bradshaw made cupcakes fashionable once more and ever since coffee shops and cafe have been over-charging for the little cakes.

With the new Cupcake Creations Set, over-expensive miniature confections will be a thing of the past. The set can make up to eight cupcakes at a time in both mini and classic cupcake size.

Simply pop in a cupcake case and fill with cake mix, shut the lid, and in a matter of minutes you’ll have delicious cupcakes ready for your own personal finishing touch.

The non-stick plates and easy lock lid ensure that your cake experience is as simple as possible – all you need to think about is eating them once they’re done.

Additional features:
– Cupcake Creation gift box including recipe and decorating guide
– Fun, candy pink painted finish
– Hinged lid
Power and ready to cook lights
– Rapid cooking for quick and easy snacks

The device will cost around £34.99 and is available from Amazon.