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Melitta Series 600 Latticia OT F300-100 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine review

One Touch and you have a great cup of coffee

Melitta 6771892
Melitta 6771892

The Latticia OT is the latest fully automatic coffee machine from Melitta, the German brand that makes beautiful fully automatic machines. Although the Latticia OT has been given a One Touch system, it is still a simple and extremely compact device. It’s a bit like the combination of a Melitta Purista and a Melitta Avanza, but it has more options and is even easier to operate. Do you want to know everything about the Melitta Latticia OT?

The first thing that catches your eye is the dimensions. It is the narrowest automatic espresso machine we know. With a width of only 20 centimetres, it is one of the smallest fully automatic coffee machines on the market. The depth of the machine is 46 centimetres which allow it to protrude a bit and the slightly larger bean container also makes the machine a bit higher,

The control panel is therefore very sleekly designed. Although it does not have a touchscreen, it is very easy to operate. For example, there is a button for each coffee variety, and you have personalized settings such as the desired coffee strength and quantity that can be easily stored. The LCD screen with red LED lights is therefore not only beautiful to look at, but it is also extremely easy to operate.

So, it is not only the appearance of this machine that impresses but also its functions and features. This is how the Latticia puts OT next to espresso and café crème, also latte macchiato and cappuccino at the touch of a button. The machine has an automatic milk frothing system that froths your milk in no time at all with the push of a button. You can even choose to make your coffee with milk in duplicate, thanks to the double milk spout.

The newly developed control panel with an LCD and red LED lights is very easy to operate. For example, you can choose the volume with a rotary knob on the left, you can determine the coffee strength with the bean knob, and you can also prepare 2 cups of coffee with or without milk by pressing twice on your chosen coffee.

The grinding degree can also be set with this machine, although we and Melitta recommend that you only do this after you have made about one hundred cups. The reason is explained in detail here.
The machine should of course also be cleaned from time to time. This can be done very easily via the ‘service’ button. This button gives you easy access to the cleaning and descaling program. and you can also see when your filter needs to be replaced, you can use it to set the brewing temperature, and you can control the automatic shutdown and the water hardness setting.

The Latticia OT has, just like the other fully automatic machines from Melitta, a Companion App. Unfortunately, you cannot operate your machine with this app, but the app does make it easier for you to clean the machine, for example. You will find illustrated instructions as well as useful information about the machine. Do you need fast service from Melitta? Then this is also easy to obtain via the app.

Coffee beans contain oils and therefore cleaning your machine is necessary. The brewing unit is easy to remove and clean. The collection container and the pulp container can also be cleaned quickly and easily. Less satisfied with the milk system. There is no automatic cleaning according to every requirement. To ensure that everything is hygienically perfect, you often must rinse with water yourself. The device shows when it is time to clean. However, there is no indication when intensive cleaning of the milk system is due. According to the instructions, this should be done after one hundred cups. The spout is easy to disassemble. Grinder cleaning and descaling are displayed. If you do not use a water filter, the water hardness must be adjusted, according to which the descaling interval depends. In the case of awfully hard water, it must be done after only thirty litres. With a water filter and a change every two months, descaling is only necessary once a year. Depending on the hardness of the water, the coffee tastes better with a filter.

With the Aroma Extraction System (AES), Melitta first ensures that the freshly ground coffee is briefly sprinkled with water before the coffee is brewed. Doing this before the brewing process activates the aromas and releases the flavours better, much better than if the hot water is pressed straight through the coffee beans.

The Latticia OT has, as mentioned before, an automatic milk frothing system. If you like to drink a latte macchiato, you will of course also need a larger glass. Fortunately, Melitta has taken this into account and has ensured that the coffee spout is adjustable in height up to 135 mm. This means that not only small espresso cups fit under it, but also larger glasses.

The second advantage of this adjustable spout is that the machine also gets less dirty because there are few splashes from the brewing process. So, less cleaning up!

A final advantage of an adjustable coffee spout is that it makes the coffee even tastier, especially the crema layer. There is less chance that air bubbles will get into your crema layer when the spout is closer to your cup. This gives your espresso a fuller and creamier taste.

The Latticia OT 600 is a clear and structured machine that is easy to operate. Speciality coffees can be prepared at the touch of a button. We could not find any differences in taste compared to other machines we have reviewed. From our point of view, there are no real criticisms. If you want to prepare milk coffee and the like without much effort, we recommend taking a closer look at the Latticia.