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Get a grip on Apple gaming

exspect gaming grip iphone ipod touch
exspect gaming grip iphone ipod touch

exspect_gaming_grip_iphone_ipod_touch.jpgMobile gaming. We like it and – judging by the folk on the tubes and the bendy buses down here in Londonsville – you like it too. But wouldn’t it be better if it mimicked the experience of console gaming? Yes it would, say the tech heads at Exspect

They’ve come up with the Gaming Grip for the iPod Touch and iPhone (including the new iPhone 3G S).

The “first-of-its-kind” product is designed to provide an experience similar to that of a dedicated mobile games console, and apparently works as well for either landscape or portrait games.

The Gaming Grip is contoured to fit in the palm of your hand whilst still maintaining full access to your touch screen and all its functions.

Made from high-grade silicone the enhanced grip allows you to play any type of genre of game, safe in the knowledge that the device won’t fly out of your hands.

When not being used to play games it can act as a protective case, with a screen protector included as standard.

“Using our expertise and knowledge in both the hardware protection and gaming market we have developed a product that really brings the mobile gaming experience to life,” said Mike Sanderson, head of development at Exspect. 

The Gaming Grip will be available on Amazon for £14.99.