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T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi to go at Starbucks

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BT logoBT plus Starbucks equals internet flowing right through your head when you’re getting your morning mocha.  The two have teamed up to bring Wi-Fi to more than 650 coffee houses across the UK and Ireland. However, that’s bad news for Starbucks’ previous provider T-Mobile

The new deal will allow 4.6 million BT broadband and Openzone users to email, surf the internet or make VoIP calls at Starbucks.

O2 iPhone users also have access included within their contract, and those who utilize iPass, Boingo and other BT Openzone roaming partners will also be able to use the service.

Chris Bruce, BT Openzone’s CEO, said Starbucks was the perfect place to work or catch up over email.

"Use of our Wi-Fi doubled last year and coffee shops are increasingly popular as a third place to work or log on to the internet," Bruce addded.

"The location of Starbucks stores in the high street and travel hubs is helping to extend the reach of Wi-Fi to customers.”

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