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Panasonic looks to the past

panasonic uk museum video camera
panasonic uk museum video camera

Panasonic new UK technology museum DVD Blu-ray Review Absolute Gadget is loving the footage of Panasonic‘s new UK technology museum on DVD & Blu-ray Review’s website.

"Panasonic is 90 years old and the company has collected together a number of its products over that timeline to show off at its UK headquarters at Bracknell," says the write up. 

"If you listen closely in this video you can hear the great and the good from the world of consumer home technology magazines discussing the products – including the classic lines: ‘I had one of them’ and ‘I’ve still got one of those!’”

Anyone using a teeny-tiny handycam these days should check out the beast of a video-camera, which comes with a hefty seaprate recorder to carry around! Who says modern life is rubbish?!