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Midway eyed by three companies for buyout

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titan of the American gaming world Midway is in all sorts of trouble.
It’s in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings, and the
development team behind its biggest remaining cash cow, Mortal
, is rumoured to be threatening to walk. So it’s
perhaps unsurprising that there are apparently three companies eyeing
the beleaguered Chicago game-makers for a buyout.

to Kotaku, Warner Brothers, Ubisoft and a private Chicago investor
are all giving the company a good once-over prior to possible
acquisition. Apparently, Ubisoft has been talking to Midway for
several weeks, and a Warner Bros. vice-president was visiting the
studio last week.

Midway has
issued a "no comment", but Kotaku claims that its sources
point the finger at WB as the most likely buyer.