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Hope floats for Aqua Soundz speaker

aqua soundz speaker
aqua soundz speaker

Aqua Soundz waterproof speaker Gadget ShopChances are your music player isn’t waterproof [don’t go and bung it in the sink to try, just assume that it’s not – Ed]. So how are you gonna listen to tunes in the pool? With a wireless floating speaker, of course.

Here’s how it works:
1) Simply place The Aqua Soundz speaker in water.
2) Plug your CD player, iPod, or TV into the transmitter unit that comes with it.
3) When switched on the unit sends the signals from your audio device to the speaker. “Simples!” as a CGI meerkat would say.

As well as using it in a pool or bath, the Aqua Soundz speaker has a flat underside so it can be positioned on any flat surface.

It also has an integrated hanging eye, so you can hang it just about anywhere.

“The result: high quality, crystal clear sound wherever you are in the house or garden,” the blurb informs us.

“No messy wires. And no lugging your hi-fi up and down the stairs, or in and out of the pool – balanced on a lilo!”

Specs and features:
* Designed to float on water
* 863MHz transmission frequency
* Range of about 50m (150 ft)
* Includes transmitter (not waterproof) with 3.5mm jack enabling use with range of audio devices
* High quality stereo sound
* Dimensions (H x W x D): 13.4cm x 16.1cm x 13.9cm
* Weight: 0.499Kg

The Aqua Soundz speaker will cost you £39.99 from these nice people.