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New PSP before Christmas?

sony psp
sony psp

A Sony PSP yesterdayThere seems to be a new PSP rumour circulating once every month at the moment, and the latest suggests a new version of the machine will be on shelves in time for Christmas.

Pocket Gamer claims to have chatted to an insider – “a developer working on the new hardware” – who says the updated machine will be “far more similar to the iPhone than the current device”.

The site suggests that the various rumours that have been flying around about the console’s features – a sliding screen to protect the buttons, touchscreen capabilities and dual analogue sticks – are all true.

In addition, it suggests that as well as the usual PSP UMDs, this new model will offer simple touchscreen games like those for the iPhone, or indeed the new DSi, which will be digital downloads.

Sony hasn’t responded to requests for comment yet, but we wouldn’t put money against something being revealed at E3 in a couple of months.