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Review: Hanns.G HG281D 28-inch LCD Monitor

hanns g monitor
hanns g monitor

Who doesn’t want a big fat monitor on the desk so they can game in glorious HD
and feel like it’s almost for real, put your hand up. No, we didn’t see
any hands. Good, because you are going to like the new 28-inch
widescreen monitor from Hanns.G and more than that, you’ll have change from £300.

the HG281D LCD
has a native resolution of 1920 by 1200, and at 28" in size, it seems like quite a bargain for under £300.

Around the back, it seems quite basic for a set that is full
high-definition 1080p. It has only a VGA and HDMI inputs. there is not
even a USB port there. For the money, the screen resolution may not be
up with the heavyweights but is pleasing enough for what it costs.

{mospagebreak}Firing up with Windows Vista Home Premium, it certainly shows the
latest Microsoft OS at its best. Comparing it side by side with our
test Mac OS X, the monitor does make Vista look ever-so-slightly better
than the Apple OS – a not inconsiderable feat. The colours look bright
and rich, sometimes a little too bright (we had to tone it down before
we had one of our turns).

The dispaly comes with a VGA converter cable to hook a DVD player (with
component out). There are also a couple of small speakers that areOK
for everyday use but not that great for movies or gaming, when external
speakers would do things more justice.

The overall appearance is nothing special. It is black but the
styling does seem a bit the the wrong kind of retro. Luckily the
controls for the monitor are hidden away on the back and you have to
learn which ones you are pressing or you couldaccidentally turn the thing off when you wanted get the menu screen.

{mospagebreak}The on-screen display is basic. You can adjust a few things (brightness and contrast controls, colour, OSD adjustment, and scaling adjustment.

Overall this monitor is hard to fault for the price you pay. It has a
good enough picture and there are other monitors on the market that
have a load more whistles and bells but if you want a no-frills fullHD monitor, you could do a lot worse than this.

Rating: 7.5/10