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Mystery surrounds Metal Gear teaser

metal gear solid teaser
metal gear solid teaser

You have to hand it to
Konami, it certainly knows how to whip gamers up into a frenzy with the
slightest of effort. Its new teaser regarding Metal Gear Solid has made
the gaming community ponder its significance.

A picture on its website
depicts an upside-down exclaimation mark, a plus sign and an upright
exclamation mark on one side of an equals sign. To the right is a power
button. Underneath is a phrase "A NEXT METAL GEAR IS…"

have said that the power sign related to a Xbox 360 button. This could
mean the once Playstation-exclusive game franchise heading over to the
Microsoft console for its next outing. Although this theory does seem
far-fetched. But Microsoft is more than keen to see the game on its

Others have said the upside-down mark is in fact an "i" and this
relates to the iPhone (which has the makings of a handheld games

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is set to unveil his
next gaming masterpiece with the odd that it will be at the Tokyo Game
Show. Watch this space.