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Mobile internet surfers visit 160 pages per day

3 skypephone s2 front
3 skypephone s2 front

3_skypephone_s2_front.jpgAs the ‘credit crunch’ continues to bite, you might be
thinking of ways to reduce your spending – maybe by using your
mobile phone less? Not so, according to a recent online survey
conducted by a leading mobile social networking service.

The itsmy.com survey revealed that the average mobile surfer visits
around 160 mobile web pages every day, with heavy users logging in up
to ten times a day, for approximately two-and-a-half hours.

Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO for itsmy.com, said: "The mobile
phone usage is ‘growing up’ and changes communication
with friends and family, as well as the traditional internet usage

"Conventional entertainment and communication will become more
personal and bigger than ever and come together on one digital media

The worldwide survey, conducted among 15,000 active users between the
ages of 16 and 52 years, took place between September and November
this year.

According to published results, 96 per cent of UK respondents already used
their mobile phone as the main means of communication with their
loved ones, while 42 per cent of all respondents had never used a PC to
access online social networks.

Chief Operating Officer for itsmy.com, Sabine Irrgang said: "A
mobile social networking portal is the place where you can reach and
will meet people in the future. The new, crowded Web 2.0 playground –
stylish, digital and mobile."

Amongst requests for higher network speed and faster phones, users
also cited reasonably priced flat-rate packages as a reason to
increase mobile internet usage.

However, only one-third of respondents intended to reduce mobile
online time to save money.