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Wattson monitors your energy use

wattson energy watcher
wattson energy watcher

wattson energy monitoring device from DIY KyotoGiven the recent major rises in gas and electricity prices, the wattson wireless energy monitor could save you more than a few quid. Especially as the unit is now available at the 30 per cent cheaper price of £99.95. 

The designer monitoring unit tells you how much electricity you are using and/or how much money you are spending, and can help save up to 20 per cent on your electricity bills.

“Since the limited, handmade wood version of wattson was released in 2006, it has been widely acclaimed for its beauty and its functionality by the design industry and the wider press,” a spokeswoman told us, pointing out that the limited edition hand-made version still retails at £350.

“The unlimited edition wattson 01 offers a more affordable way to monitor energy levels within private households and small businesses, whilst retaining its high-end design aesthetic.”

The idea is behind the product is that if you can see how much electricity you’re using, it’ll help you use less.

DIY Kyoto, which makes the product, said users can save enough money for a new pair of shoes or a candlelit dinner in a smart restaurant – all the while doing their bit for the environment.

The wattson also measures renewable energy, which means if you are generating power through solar panels or wind turbines, for example, it will show how much you are generating.

The memory in the can capture data for up to four weeks, which you can then download via USB to th “holmes” software (Watson and Holmes, geddit) or to the DIY Kyoto website.