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Forget winter – pop in the sauna!

personal sauna product
personal sauna product

Personal SaunaAs Britain gets in the grip of some more crazy weather, wouldn’t it be nice to be relax in your very own steam sauna and soothe away the stresses of the day? Say hello to the Personal Sauna

“It’s the ultimate gift for home pampering; a quick, convenient, easy to use steam system, that’s just like having your very own sauna – that can be easily moved around the home, and, without having to leave the comfort of your own home,” the PR person told Absolute Gadget.

The floor of the Personal Sauna has been sealed with silicone to prevent any condensation (apparently, usually less than half a cup) from leaking.

Any excess water condenses on the floor and sides of the sauna tent and can be easily mopped up with a towel at the end of each session.

With a £149.99 price tag (it’s free delivery to the UK Mainland), what are the benefits? Well:
* Athletes rely on regular steam saunas to draw out lactic acids built up after a hard training session and prevent muscle aches.
* As your body begins to perspire, it also expels built-up toxins, deeply cleansing your skin to leave it feeling soft and looking radiant.
* Aromatherapy oils can be added for extra invigoration to make you and the room smell divine.

“The compact, flat-pack design of the Personal Sauna makes it easy to use and store. With no complicated plumbing it’s ready to use in less that a minute,” the Personal Sauna spokeswoman said.

The company are touting it as the ultimate gift for mum this Christmas, with the Personal Sauna rejuvenating mum at the same time as watching Corrie on the TV!