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Sony Reader gets touchy-feely

sony reader prs 700
sony reader prs 700

Sony Reader PRS-700Sony‘s new Reader Digital Book, the PRS-700, is giving users a feel for literature. That’s thanks to the opportunity to navigate through paperless books via a touchscreen display.

The estimated 10-ounce device can store an average of 320 digital books and can sustain up to 7,500 pages of continuous reading per battery charge.

“With the latest edition of Sony’s Reader Digital Book, announced today, readers can truly let their fingers do the walking,” a Sony press statement said.

“Svelte and stylish, the newest Reader still sports the dimensions of a slimmed down paperback book.”

According to Sony, the textured black casing and soft black cover contribute to its envy-inspiring design. And, at about 10 ounces, the company says it’s the perfect way to carry all of your favourite books with you wherever you go.

The six-inch display allows booklovers to flip pages with the slide of a finger, as well as entering search terms within a document or book, creating notes using the virtual keyboard and highlighting text with the included stylus pen.

Five pre-set text sizes are available so readers can find the one most comfortable for them. Those who need an even closer look can zoom in by tapping the screen.

“The device still features high-resolution, high contrast electronic paper display technology which provides a reading experience very much akin to ink-on-paper,” said Sony’s official announcement.

“The result is crisp text and graphics that are highly readable, even in bright sunlight. For times when ambient light is not available, Sony is the first to offer a built-in LED reading light.”

As well as enough memory to store 320 books, there are Memory Stick Duo and SD memory card slots to hold as many books and documents as you want.

The new Reader will be available in the US next month for about $400 (around £225).

It will come complete with a USB cable, eBook Library PC companion software and a colour-coordinated, protective soft cover.

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