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Epson and X-Rite offer high-end printing

epson r2880 a3 printer
epson r2880 a3 printer

epson_r2880_a3_printer.jpgEpson has partnered with X-Rite to make “perfect colour reproduction” a reality. Epson says it is launching the ideal package for photographers and designers who require accurate controls throughout their workflow.

The Epson Stylus Photo R2880 A3+ printer will be bundled with the X-Rite i1Display 2 to offer high-end professional monitor calibration and profiling.

“Together, they solve the problem of prints failing to match colours displayed on-screen, and enable users to obtain their desired prints first time,” an Epson statement said.

The i1Display 2 offers colour control tools, such as ambient check and match, workgroup match, and push-button calibration and validation.

An enhanced sensor at the heart of the i1Display 2 provides “higher repeatability, faster measurements and improved sensitivity in dark areas, resulting in better control in shadow detail and a more neutral gray scale”.

An advanced mode for experienced users has new features such as a selection of monitor white points, custom luminance settings and a detailed profile summary.

Once the image is ready to be printed, the Stylus Photo R2880 matches the colours with “impressive accuracy”.

Epson said the Stylus Photo R2880 is its top-of-the-range A3+ printer, delivering the highest quality available in professional inkjet printing.

“A unique mode within the print driver enables users to have creative control over black and white tones as well as gradation, which has a similar effect to selecting specific papers and chemicals in a conventional dark room,” the Epson statement said.

The product will sell for £669.99 including VAT and will be available this month.

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Specifications for the X-Rite i!Display 2:
* Grey balance optimisation delivers more neutral and better defined greys
* Highest sensitivity in dark areas allows better control in shadow detail
* Workgroup match feature utilises reference profiles to match all monitors in a workgroup
* Unlimited gamma white point and luminance settings include native gamma and measure luminance as target
* Ambient match feature allows users to check ambient light and adapt profiles for different ambient light environments
* Validation feature enables monitor validation and trending graph
* Profile reminder ensures true and reliable colour over time
* Push button calibration feature offers one-step profiling for industry-leading monitors
* Before and after images show instant results.

Specifications for the Epson Stylus Photo R2880:
* Superb image quality thanks to Epson’s new LUT Technology and Epson
* UltraChrome K3 Ink with Vivid Magenta
* New Epson Micro Piezo™ print head has a new ink-repelling coating, which improves dot placement accuracy and therefore print quality
* The improved driver enables users to have creative control over black and white tones as well as gradation – similar to selecting specific papers and chemicals in a conventional dark room.
* Long-lasting prints on a variety of different media
* Flexible media handling, with fine art paper support, rigid thick media handling up to 1.3mm, CD/DVD printing, standard auto-sheet feeder and roll feed
* Easy connectivity with front-facing USB PictBridge and dual USB2 ports at the rear.