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Is Apple planning a Tablet Mac?


The word’s on the street that we could soon find ourselves in the Apple Store slavering over a Mac version of a tablet computer.

According to rumours circulating the internet (and there always seems to be rumours about new Mac products) that those people in black roll-neck sweaters are busy designing what is in effect a very large version of an iPod Touch, but running a full working version of OS X. (Or to put it another way, a Tablet PC but done properly!)

Over at Crave, the guys there reckon they know someone who knows someone else who’s building some prototypes for Jobs and his mates. Crave also reckons that its contacts within Asus confirmed that the tablet PC will not be based on is own R1 design.
Odds are currently on it being based on designs patented by Apple in May 2005.

Like we always say, most of these things never see the light of day, mainly because the rumours all made up, but we suspect if enough people start bothering Apple about it we may well see these in the shop. A kind of self-fulfilling prophesy!