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Review: Philips Arcitec RQ 1095 Electric Rotary Shaver


We were going to have a great big shaver group test, but like a party where you invite loads of people but only a few turn up, just Philips and Braun (we’ll be reviewing soon) could be bothered to send any review kit. So we are going to just do individual reviews instead.

The Arcitec shaver is probably the most expensive shaver on the high street, unless there is a diamond-encrusted model we don’t know about. We saw one for sale at John Lewis for around £250, but Amazon is selling one for about £162.99.

The shaving end is composed of three independent heads, supposedly to get to all the hairs on your face and neck. Each head has three shaving tracks, which the manufacturer claims offers 50 per cent more shaving surface than single track rotary shavers. Each head pivots to to keep maximum contact with the skin. There are also dual blades in each head as well.


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The shaver comes with a big cleaning device (called the Jet Clean System) that will recharge your shaver and clean it at the same time with some special solution. hThe shaver has an LED multi-purpose display that shows charging in terms of minutes charge remaining.

You don’t have to have use the power pod every time you shave, the heads open up and you can wash the thing under the tap.

As well as the shaver it has a trimmer for getting rid of your sideburns as well.

The shaver is quite good as shaving. We noticed that shaving took a long time to make sure that all the hairs were removed, even then we had a couple of hairs that refused to yield to the shaver’s attempts to remove them. Luckily the trimmer seemed to persuade them to leave.

Recharging takes about an hour to charge up from flat and the battery lasts a very long time, we reckon that you could take the thing on holiday without the charging pod. However the pod is quite big as it covers the whole shaver and not just the heads.

Rating 9/10

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