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GameSir launches a Lightning version of X2 mobile phone controller

X2 Lightning white background 2
X2 Lightning white background 2

Following on from the massive success of the X2 Type-C and Bluetooth controllers, GameSir has now released a lightning version for iPhone users. The X2 Lightning reduces lag and offers pass-through charging so gamers can ensure their phone never runs out of juice whilst using it.

The X2 Lightning version is compatible with Apple Arcade and MFi games and like its predecessors, is designed to provide a full array of controls. Thanks to the direct connection, lag is minimised to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. With iPhones getting bigger and more powerful to ensure they can handle the ever-increasingly complex games played on them, the X2 Lightning version will keep gamers ahead of delay, for the smoothest gameplay experience.

The X2 Lightning features a split design that includes a joystick on both the left and the right sides and ABXY buttons. The L1/L2 and R1/R2 trigger buttons are micro switches with a small contact gap and high sensitivity for a realistic gaming experience. The buttons come with a lifespan of up to 3 million presses so gamers do not need to worry about wearing them out! The simple design will expand to securely hold iPhones measuring up to 173mm, and the soft rubber grips will ensure a comfortable hold throughout any gaming session.

For gamers requiring the option to play anytime whilst charging their devices, the X2 Lightning controller now includes pass-through charging, allowing gamers to play anywhere the mood for gaming arises, so non-stop gaming is truly guaranteed.

The GameSir X2 Lightning version is available from the GameSir website for $69.99/£51.99