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AVerMedia PW315 webcam review

The webcam works well in all lighting conditions, even really challenging ones.


The latest addition to AVerMedia Technologies Inc’s webcam line-up is the intermediate-level, PW315 camera. This is aimed at gamers and live streamers who want higher quality audio and video for an affordable price.

The camera offers 60fps and full 1080p HD video simultaneously. It claims that users will no longer have to put up with lag or distortion during that crucial moment in a game.

The PW315 also comes with an F2.2 aperture and 95-degree wide-angle lens, meaning gamers can easily set the camera up for filming and capture widescreen content.

The external structure of the camera is a cylinder, which on the sides is protected with metal and that is noticeable in the weight, which is appreciated because other lighter cameras fall off the monitor. And to attach to the monitors it has a clamp system with a strong hinge that does not open easily, and throughout the support area of the clamp has rubber bands to improve adhesion and protect chafing. It also includes a nut to attach to tripods and as a privacy detail brings a sliding lid to protect the lens.

The webcam works well in all lighting conditions, even really challenging ones, such as when the subject is brightly backlit, or when light levels are poor. Though as light levels decrease, the image does suffer from graininess.

Colour accuracy is quite exceptional and the autofocus is very impressive too, producing a realistic and sharp image. The ability to enable AI Framing is something quite new and lets the camera follow you and automatically zoom in on the subject. You can also manually adjust zoom and focus to capture more of what you want.

We tested on Cam, picture quality and sound quality on Skype and OBS Studio on live streams on Twitch. The Cam Top is suitable for recording in live streams, with an image of 1080P at 60Hz and 60 FPS. You have a clear and awesome picture, even with faster movements, there are no restrictions and even with still images, shooting without movement, the cam really convinced me.

Autofocus also works fine. The sound from the microphone is also particularly good with the built-in stereo microphones and sounds quite clear and clean. With the OBS stream software it worked, and you have a good picture of the stream.

This is a plug and play webcam, it works great straight out of the box, with mac and windows, although if you install the AVerMedia software you get a lot more options to tweak. So, this is not a cheap webcam, but if you are in the market for one and you have the cash to spare, then it could be the right one for you.