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Six Secret Ways Your Body Is Telling You You’re Stressed


Hair ‘Issues’ 

“Stress and hormonal changes can both be contributing factors to hair “issues.” Hair issues can appear in several unusual ways depending on the individual. Some may have issues with a greasy scalp, others may be the complete opposite with a dry scalp, whilst an itchy & flaky scalp may a prominent concern for many. Most hair issues start with the scalp. This is because each hair grows from, and through, an individual follicle that surfaces on your scalp. Sebum is produced by each individual follicle and some people may have more natural sebum than others. It’s crucial that the follicle and the scalp remain clean and healthy, not full of sebum or blocked by dead skin, as this can result in dandruff or infection, impacting the quality of hair growth. The scalp is made up of cells which divide and continually work their way to the surface and then shed, so it is essential that dead skin is removed by a weekly exfoliation” explains Lisa Shepherd, the most awarded and profiled female Hair Colourist in the UK today and owner of The Hair Boss By Lisa Shepherd (www.thehairboss.co.uk).

When stressed, hormones can release pro-inflammatory chemicals that stop your scalp from functioning properly. The Hair Boss believes that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Try The Hair Boss Scalp Scrub (£7.99, Superdrug) containing Tea Tree Oil and Rosebay Extract, a patented scalp active proven to reduce dandruff and sebum as well as sugar crystals to gently exfoliate and unclog pores.

Mouth Sores

“Stress affects our health in general and oral health because the mouth is particularly sensitive to what is going on in our bodies. Mouth sores, aphthous ulcerations, swollen gums are all signs that our body’s physiology has been upset by stress. However, these symptoms can also be caused by other factors, so it is especially important to be seen by a dentist if any oral changes persist for more than a week or two,” explains Dentist and The Humble Co. founder, Noel Abdayem (www.thehumble.co) 


Teeth grinding and jaw clenching (also called Bruxism) are often related to stress or anxiety. Symptoms of bruxism include muscle pain and headaches from overuse of the masticatory (eating) muscles. The good news is that the muscular effects are reversible if the bruxism can be managed, with a nightguard for example,” explains Dentist and The Humble Co. founder, Noel Abdayem (www.thehumble.co).

Emphasised Facial Creases & Wrinkles

“Grinding and clenching (bruxism) as a result of stress can also have long-term effects on the teeth because bruxism causes the teeth to wear down much quicker than normal. The results of excessive wear go beyond shorter-looking teeth. The teeth will also look more yellow or less transparent because they form more dentine to compensate for the enamel loss. Additionally, as the teeth are shortened, the entire face is shortened, emphasizing the facial creases and wrinkles that make us look older,”  explains Dentist and The Humble Co. founder, Noel Abdayem (www.thehumble.co).

Dry Skin

Whenever our body feels it’s under stress, our fight-or-flight response kicks in. As a result, we experience a spike in adrenaline and cortisol. An increase in adrenaline causes us to sweat more, it activates the eccrine glands, the sweat glands, which can cause you to become dehydrated because you’re losing a lot more water very quickly. *

As well as keeping the body hydrated, ensure you’re moisturising more frequently to care for your skin from the inside and outside. The St. Moriz Face Tanning Moisturiser (£4.99, Superdrug & Feel Unique) contains a unique blend of active tanning agents, Aloe Vera and Vitamins A, C & E to smooth skin and protect it from oxidative damage, whilst adding a natural healthy glow.

Stress Eating 

Stress also affects food preferences. Numerous studies have shown that physical or emotional distress increases the intake of food high in fat, sugar, or both. * Overeating can have damaging effects on our teeth and can result in caps and fillings becoming loose. As lockdown restrictions start to ease, Dentist appointments are not easy to come by. Dentemp’s Loose Cap & Lost Filling Repair Kit is the number 1 selling dental repair product in the USA and has recently launched in the UK, available at Boots for £6.00. This temporary repair kit provides the perfect solution to repair caps, crowns and fillings, from the comfort of your own home.