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Headphone and earphone gift guide 2019

Whatever your budget, we have your earphone gift ideas covered


If you have recently bought a smartphone but the earphones are not to your liking, Absolute Gadget offers this list of headphones and earphones that may be worth a listen.

Mifo O5 Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

Mifo is a completely new brand in the UK, launching earlier this month following its success in the US. The O5 earbuds offer one of the best play times on the market, with the charging case offering up to 100 charging hours, better than AirPods II, Echo Buds and many more while being almost half the price at £99.99! The 05 earbuds are available in metallic grey and rose gold and can be purchased through the Mifo website and Amazon.


  • Waterproof IPX 7 nanocoating
  • Corrosion resistant coated aluminium refuses to rust or tarnish
  • Intelligent Bluetooth pairing
  • Independent usage and voice functions

The PuroGamer Volume Limiting Gaming Headphones

The PuroGamer headphones are designed specifically for gaming with a slick design, high quality audio through both sound and an omnidirectional, noise cancelling microphone. They are also volume limited to 85dB to ensure that there is no damage to gamers’ hearing health when there are explosions or other noises in gameplay.

Featuring a 7.1 surround sound technology, the headphones allow gamers to immerse themselves into the world of their games and the 50mm graphene driver and response equaliser provides a balanced and safe sound. Additionally, the headphones have 82% ambient noise isolation at 1kHz to shut the rest of the world out. The Puro Balanced Frequency Response Curve also allows the PuroGamer’s to sound great even at lower listening levels and the game dialogue and sound effects to be heard clearly against the full spectrum of audio.

Groov-e Zen Wireless Headphones

Taking the audio experience to another level, the over-ear Zen wireless headphones combine 40mm Neodymium drivers and Active Noise Cancelling to deliver superior, crystal-clear sound.

Sleek and lightweight, with swivel earcups that fold down to take up minimal space, the Zen headphones are perfect for long journeys or commutes. The Groov-e Zen headphones are available now for £54.99 from www.groov-e.co.uk.

The Zen wireless headphones are ideal for those who want an affordable headset packed with all the latest technology. Active Noise Cancelling reduces unwanted ambient sound to provide an immersive listening experience whilst 40mm drivers handle heavy beats well and can reproduce a full range of frequencies so music can be heard as it was intended. Featuring premium, soft foam earpads the Zen headphones also ensure a comfortable listening experience at all times.

Moshi’s Avanti LT Lightning On-Ear Headphones

Designed with ergonomics in mind, Moshi’s Avanti LT on-ear headphones allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks for hours without fatigue direct from your iPhone or iPad. Its curved headband is engineered to position the soft, adjustable earcups to form a perfect, noise-isolating seal while exerting minimal pressure on your ears. Although Avanti LT is designed to be compact and light, high-efficiency 40 mm drivers deliver a full-bodied sound that rivals the audio quality of much larger headsets.

Avanti LT’s bass is punchy yet smooth and the mids/highs are tuned to provide an intricate and immersive soundstage with wide dynamic range. Made from stainless steel and soft leatherette, these headphones exude subtle luxury in a distinctively minimalist design. Aurally-intoxicating and incredibly comfortable, Avanti LT is the quintessential companion for any audio connoisseur.

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