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Nextbase announces Black Friday deals

61FLEr0 kTL. AC SL1500
61FLEr0 kTL. AC SL1500

DashCam provider NextBase has launched a number of Black Friday deals on its dashcams.

The Black Friday deals will be running from now up until Cyber Monday.

– Bundle includes the 322GW/SD/Case/PF – £99.
– Including a half price fitting (in-store at any Halfords, fitted professionally into an owner’s vehicle, cables concealed).
– Bundle includes 222+ Acc – £69.
– Bundle includes 522GW, 32GB SD, Case, Zoom RC – £169.99.
– Bundle includes 412gw – £69

The ‘Series 2’ Dash Cams continue to focus on video quality. Unparalleled access to the development teams at Ambarella, the leading semi-conductor manufacturer, has allowed Nextbase to create new firmware that ensures image quality is better than ever before, irrespective of the time of day or weather conditions.

‘Series 2’ is comprised of five Dash Cams and three modular, plug-in cameras that can record the rear or vehicle cabin. Ease of use remains a mainstay across the new 122, 222, 322GW, 422GW and 522GW, but each boasts an array of innovative new features. Nextbase has also introduced MyNextbase, a new software package that includes an App (MyNextbase Connect), desktop video player (MyNextbase Player) editing suite and free cloud storage at mynextbase.com to securely store user videos.

Every product is 35% smaller than its predecessor, making the cameras as unobtrusive as possible, and each features Nextbase’s new Click&Go PROTM mounting system with neodymium magnets, ensuring hassle free use. A sophisticated Intelligent Parking Mode is also now included in every model, helping owners to keep their cars safe even when stationary.

A significant first for the sector, Nextbase has introduced Bluetooth into its cameras, from the mid-range 322GW upwards. The Autosync feature uses Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi technology to automatically send video files to the owner’s smartphone. Access to the full high-quality file via Wi-Fi allows the owner to zoom in on number plate detail, while files can be edited and shared using the MyNextbase Connect App. A feat of engineering by Nextbase’s engineering team, this is the first time that this connectivity has been made available to Dash Cam users, making data transfer and sharing to third parties seamless. The 322GW and above also feature an IPS touch screen for clearer image viewing and ease of use.

At the top end of the range, Nextbase has broken new ground delivering Europe’s first Dash Cam with Alexa built-in. Based on the Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit, the 422GW and 522GW allow motorists to talk directly to their Dash Cam. The new Nextbase skills will provide additional features and capabilities on the device. For example, drivers will be able to use voice to control elements of the Dash Cam, with commands such as “protect a recording” if they witness something of interest on the road. Alexa can get directions, play music, place hands-free calls, control smart home devices, and more – all you have to do is ask.