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PNY MOBEE Gimbal Stabilizer review

This nifty gadget you can turn your smartphone into a camera system

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For a budding filmmaker or aspiring YouTuber, the new PNY MOBEE Gimbal Stabilizer should make an ideal companion.

The new PNY MOBEE gimbal is compact at 10.8 x 28.9 x 7cm (4.2 x 11.3 x 2.7in) with a weight of 1.4kg (3lbs).

The 3-axis stabilization makes it easy to anyone to capture high quality photos and videos on the move. If you want to capture footage whilst you’re in motion then PNY MOBEE Gimbal Stabilizer has an inbuilt shutter button on the main stick, which can be used to take photos and videos on a smartphone with just the click of a button. It makes videography completely seamless as you don’t have to reach to press the button on your smartphone screen to capture those all-important shots.

The PNY MOBEE Gimbal Stabilizer’s zoom control function, enables you to zoom in and out with one hand. Easily adjust it to a wide angle or close shot depending on your subject matter. The gimbal’s features include an inbuilt shutter button on the handle and zoom control, as well as panorama, face tracking, slow motion and special time-lapse functions. For further ease of use, the Mobee can be controlled via its dedicated app.

It comes with a USB out feature you can even charge your phone whilst it’s attached to the Stabilizer thanks to its handy USB power out connector. With 12 hours battery life, PNY Stabilizer also offers USB power supply to charge your smartphone so that you never miss a moment!

Overall, we liked the product very much. Well worth considering if you need stabilised video shots.