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Nextbase 522GW dash camera review

This top of the range offering from the Nextbase Series 2 range sets the bar


This top of the range offering from the Nextbase Series 2 range sets the bar

The 522GW is the top-spec, updated version of the 512GW in Nextbase’s brand-new dash cam range – the Series 2.

It is packed with extra features. Record in upgraded 1440p Quad HD, with an inbuilt polarising lens to dramatically reduce windscreen glare. A larger 3″ HD IPS screen provides the ultimate user experience. The 522GW is the world’s first 1440p Dash Cam with Alexa, so you can voice call and message on the move

It also includes new safety features include Emergency SOS to alert the emergency services to your location in the event of an incident. The alert can send important medical data such as blood type and medical history to aid efficient treatment. The Nextbase 522GW also includes Bluetooth 4.2 to automatically send crash footage directly to your Bluetooth enabled phone, QuickLink Wi-Fi for video transfer and a higher accuracy 10x GPS module for accurate speed and location data.

The Nextbase 522GW uses the exclusive new Click&Go PRO car mount for an easier connection than ever before. The newly designed mount uses a lower profile design and high strength neodymium magnets so you can easily install and remove the Dash Cam with just one hand. The Dash Cam features a new high precision G sensor, which can ensure important files are locked away and won’t be overwritten when the microSD card loops over.

Video quality from both front and rear window cameras in 1440 is excellent. GPS information records correctly. Mountings are easy to attach and remain secure. Cables are easily hidden. Videos are best reviewed in full-screen mode on a PC in the Nextbase view app, where the very high level of detail recorded can be fully appreciated. Recorded audio is also clear

Overall a great camera, great quality and the bonus that may be good for you is a potential discount on your car insurance when using the Nextbase!