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Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller review

Controller offers plenty of customisation options in both hardware and software


Having a customisable games controller can certainly give you the edge on your competitors. Nacon has a new controller for the PS4 that aims to do just that.

The Nacon Revolution Unlimited controller offers plenty of customisation options in both hardware and software. All created to please the most competitive gamer.

It comes with interchangeable joystick heads and shafts, allowing a choice of concave or convex heads and larger diameter shafts. In addition there is a concealed weight compartment in each hand grip where the controller weight can be adjusted. The three sets of weights you can add to the controller make a world of difference.

The controller feels solid in the hand. The extra buttons although flush are never pressed accidentally and can be found easily. The software takes a few minutes to traverse but once you have it then it’s a breeze to change it to how you want it.

The customisation features you get when you connect it with the Nacon software is amazing. It enables you to change your light settings, change the sensitivity on your triggers and thumbsticks, change the button assignments for every button not just the rear buttons, and to top it all off you can upload four separate profiles each with its own custom settings.

It’s a well-built controller with above average ergonomics. It blows the previous gens of Nacon controllers out of the water with that aspect

Hands down the best PlayStation controller to date. Feels great and made of quality materials. The only issue is the price but is still worth it because of the comfort factor. Controller is also full customizable with programmable buttons, extra buttons compared to the standard controller, and even weights to give the perfect weight.

The controller is available from Amazon.