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AppStart releases Splat 2D

splat 2d we love kitty
splat 2d we love kitty

splat 2d we love kittyThe Blob plus whack-a-mole equals what? Well, AG’s calculator doesn’t have the buttons to handle that kind of fancy equation but according to AppStart the answer is: Splat 2D

This “addictive retro gaming experience” for IPhone and Ipad is a whack-a-mole style game inspired by the horror themes of popular ’50s films The Blob, The Horror Of Dracula and Tarantula.

Your house has been taken over by little critters who keep popping up to laugh at you and taunt you and you have one minute to splat as many of the critters possible. Without hitting kitty of course! We love kitty and so should you.

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The game features:
* 10 increasingly challenging levels
* Reach a set score to progress to the next level
* Use a different splatting tool on each level
* Set up multiple player profiles on your phone
* High scores table
* Hidden extras

Buy Splat 2D for £0.69 from Apple’s App Store

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