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Y-cam Bullet camera review

Ycam bullet
Ycam bullet

The UK is a nation of CCTV. More cameras adorn our sceptered isle than in China. But a surveillance camera can help protect us. The Y-cam bullet is a surveillance camera that weatherproof and connects to you network.

It can connect to the internet meaning that you can see and hear what it records, anywhere in the world. Not only can you view goings-on via a desktop or laptop computer, there is also an iPhone app so you can view from a smartphone.

The camera sports a microphone and small speaker so you can interact with anyone that the camera is trained on.

It is also weatherproof so can be mounted outside. It als comes with a sun visor to shield it from glares that can obscure the picture. At night, it boasts 12 infrared LEDs that come on at night so a picture is still viewable in the dark. A “Moonlight” view combines frames to increase brightness.

According to the bandwidth available, the video frame rate adjusts. It can also record stills and video to a remote hard drive.

The streaming footage from the camera can be viewed by up to 16 users simultaneously, allowing colleagues and family members to view what’s going on.

The camera can also be set to email you if it detects motion and the product claims to carry this out in such a way as to diminish any reports of false alarms. The email can also send images it records to your website so important evidence can be recorded.

A memory card slot also allows storage of video and stills locally.

Overall, a highly specified camera that features good image quality and easy installation. The camera is available from Amazon for around £319.

Rating: 8/10