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SwitchBot Curtain review

Turn dumb curtains into smart ones

switchbot curtain 100881125 large
switchbot curtain 100881125 large

There are many options for making curtains and blinds a bit smarter for home automation. The SwitchBot Curtain is one of those products that are designed to make your life a bit simpler.

SwitchBot launched a successful Kickstarter campaign a few years ago. The little gadget that was subsequently developed made it possible for end-users to stick a robot switch – the SwitchBot Bot – on anything.

The beating heart of the SwitchBot Curtain is the motor in the unit and the supporting software.

SwitchBot has extensively tested the models and promises a lifespan of approximately five years for the internal motor under normal daily use. Only then would he be able to wane in strength. The internal batteries last approximately eight months; after that they need to be charged. The unit can be expanded with a solar panel that can be attached to it that provides the battery with extra power so that you don’t have to charge the battery as often.

Once the SwitchBot Curtain is behind the curtain and therefore out of sight – in a white or black variant, measuring 42mm x 51mm x 110mm (motor dimensions) and weighing 135 grams – there are several ways to operate the device. It can be done via the app, via your voice via a smart speaker, with an additional smart switch, or, yes, by hand. The SwitchBot is equipped with an accelerometer with gyroscope, allowing the application of the touch & go principle. When you are near your curtain and manually give it a small tug to open or close it, the motor in the SwitchBot Curtain will detect this and start working.

That motor logically makes noise and the makers have provided it with two positions: a performance mode and a silent mode. The first mode has sparked some discussion among some users. The silent mode works slower, and opening curtains faster, therefore, gives some extra motor noise.

All kinds of settings can be adjusted via the app so that the user can determine the center of the curtains accurately to the millimeter. In addition, the SwitchBot Curtain can be controlled with your voice or the additional accessory SwitchBot Remote. In both cases, an additional Hub Mini is required. If you have one, voice control can be linked to speakers such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomePod. The SwitchBot Remote can be mounted on the wall or taken to another room as a separate remote. The smart home enthusiast can set up routines in which the curtains, for example, open and close at set times on certain weekdays, while a different pattern is followed on the weekends.