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BT to launch iPad rival

bt logo static
bt logo static

bt_logo_staticTelecoms behemoth BT is set to tak on Steve Jobs with its own rival to the illustrious iPad.

The new tablet PC was demonstrated at the BT Annual Strategy Day in London. The device has a screen size somewhat between the iPhone and the iPad.

The unit can also make and receive phone calls via a Bluetooth headset or speaker and can send SMS, check email and browse the internet.

It sports a docking station which also acts as a stand, has a front facing high-def camera (and a 5-megapixel one at the back), a 7-inch multitouch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, a HDMI port, and features an Intel 1.9GHz Atom processor.

According to BT boss, Ian Livingston, the phone/pad will be a combination of a phone and a small PC but was quick to dismiss the iPad rivalry.