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Top 10 festival gadget guide


With the summer fast approaching (although around these parts it comes at us with the speed of an arthritic snail through molasses), our thoughts turn to this year’s big festivals. So whether you are heading off to Glasto or relaxing at the Big Chill, here is Absolute Gadget’s guide to the top 10 gadgets you need to make that festival experience go up to 11.
No.1 –  Medion HD Sports Camcorder
Ensure that you capture all of your favourite bands and crazy festival antics this summer. This pocket-sized 2-inch LCD colour display camcorder is also a digital stills camera and MP3 player – saving precious room in your backpack. The Medion Life is splash resistant and also features a ruggerdised outer casing, making it truly festival proof.


Price: £99.99
Contact: www.medionshop.co.uk

No.2 –  Etymotic hf2 headset feat Custom-fits

Ideal for music lovers, the industry leading fidelity and noise isolating hf2 headset from Etymotic features an integrated microphone with music controls for seamless voice calls. The hf2 comes with a redeemable voucher, where you can have your very own custom- made ear pieces moulded by ACS. Available from 300 outlets, perfect for those silent rave tents!


Price: £99.95 or £180 custom fit
Contact: www.etymotic.com

No.3 –  OverBoard Premium Waterproof Backpack

Festival weather can be unpredictable, OverBoard’s Premium Waterproof Backpack range offers 100% waterproofing. Ideal for taking to festivals, the Premium Waterproof Backpack range is available in a selection of colours in either 20 or 25 litres. The backpacks offer padded shoulder and sternum straps for a secure fit as well as a back panel for comfort. The two way closing system ensures security while the internal zip pocket is a great place to store valuables.


Price: From £34.99

No.4 –  OverBoard Waterproof Zoom Lens Camera Case

The recently launched Waterproof Zoom Lens camera case allows festival goers to capture those favourite bands come rain or shine. The case provides 100 per cent protection against water, dust, mud, snow or whatever else the weather throws at it! The Waterproof Zoom Lens camera case is made from flexible and transparent TPU material that will float to the surface should you accidently drop it in a puddle!


Price: £19.99
Contact: www.over-board.co.uk

No.5 –  OverBoard Waterproof iPod Case with Arm Strap

OverBoard’s Waterproof iPod Case with Arm Strap also offers 100 per cent protection against water, however this case has been specifically designed for not only the iPod, as it will also protect other similarly sized MP3 players. The headphone jack is compatible with OverBoard’s waterproof headphones, perfect for using with the sports strap so you can party away while the music’s pumping.


Price: £24.99
Contact: www.over-board.co.uk

No.6 – Powerstrap by Orca Trading Ltd

Ideal for when you want to kickback and relax in the evening, the Powerstrap is designed to provide quick and easy power for portable electronic devices. The Powerstrap is wearable like a watch and features six Li-Ion polymer battery cells enclosed in a highly water resistant silica gel casing, these six batteries provide a total of 1500m AH of power. With the choice of many adaptors, the Powerstrap will provide battery life to many different kinds of portable devices, such as mp3/mp4 players,handheld games, consoles, mobile phones and much more.


Price: £39.99
Contact: www.amazon.co.uk

No.7 – mophie Juice Pack Air

With a lack of plug sockets available, the mophie Juice Pack Air is ideal for festivals as it allows users to take full advantage of maps, the internet and make calls without worrying about the notorious battery of the iPhone. The Juice Pack Air is the world’s thinnest “works with iPhone” protective case with integrated battery. The Juice Pack Air features an integrated rechargeable 1200 mAH battery, designed to almost double the battery life of the iPhone 3G/3GS. Available in four colours, black, white, purple and red.


Price: £69.95

No.8 – Scosche SolBAT ll

Scosche solBAT ll is a portable sync and charge device which can be clipped onto a rack sack for use at all times. The solBAT ll can be re-charged via the sun and its single solar panel or a USB port on a computer. It stores enough power in an integrated 1500Ma battery to fully charge an iPod, iPhone and other USB devices at least twice. The solBAT ll is a one stop charging solution; it limits the need for users to purchase and carry around multiple chargers and is ideal for travel and emergency situations.


Price: £TBC
Contact: www.eoutlet.co.uk

No.9 – BeBook Neo

The BeBook Neo is an eBook reader with a difference. The Neo is the fastest eReader on the market and contains Wi-Fi web browsing and touch capabilities. The BeBook Neo features a world map application, which helps users to locate eBook retailers to download autobiographies of popular favourite artists. The Neo supports a wide range of popular eBook formats, including ePub, pdf and JPEG files. The powerful battery provides up to 7,000 page turns and the Freescale processor makes the Neo up to 2.5x faster than most eReaders on the market. The compact design of the Neo means it won’t take up much backpack or tent space making it ideal for festival downtime when it all gets a bit much!


Price: £279.99
Contact: www.mybebook.com

No.10 – GEAR4 Street Party 4

The GEAR4 Street Party 4 is a slim, compact home and travel speaker which combines high quality stereo sound with portability, letting you enjoy music and videos anywhere, anytime. Once the music has stopped playing on the stage, festival goers can bring the party back to the tent and pump up the volume to enjoy the Street Party 4’s impressive sound quality. With its simple fold up design and protective grill the iPod/iPhone dock is easily transported to and from the event.


Price: £49.99
Contact: www.gear4store.com